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B-Schools with Spring Intakes for MBA

The most preferred admission timeline is during the fall which starts in September and ends in December or early January. The next most preferred in-take after the falls is the spring in-take. This is between January and May every year. If you are not ready in time to make the fall in-take, fret not. Several colleges across the world offer admission in the spring.

There is always the fear that fewer courses are available for spring admission than are available during the fall. But some several colleges and universities offer a good number of courses in the spring in-take. Many offer a rolling admission that allows admission until a program is filled up.

Top Business Schools that accept spring Intake

Gaining Admissions into an MBA program is also not just limited to the September deadline.

There are top schools across the world accepting applications for the spring intake. Here are some:

· University of Massachusetts, US

· Columbia Graduate Business School, US

· HEC Paris

· INSEAD, Paris

· Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University, UK

· IMD Business School, Switzerland

· Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands

· ESMT, Berlin

· Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal

· University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

· IE Business School, Spain

Let us look at top schools in specific regions that accept spring in-take for MBA.


The United States has been known for its educational quality and availability of top equipment. There is a good number of well-rated colleges and universities that accept spring intake for MBA in the USA:

· Columbia Graduate School of Business

· Georgia State

· University of Massachusetts

· Loyola University, Quinlan School of Business

· UMass Boston

· St John’s Tobin College of Business


Autumn intake is the primary time of admission in Europe. But some colleges and universities open their doors for secondary admission during the spring.

· Birmingham City University, England

· London School of Economics, England

· Manchester Metropolitan University, England

· Bangor University, Wales

· University of Auckland, New Zealand

· Linkoping University, Sweden

· Uppsala University, Sweden\


· University of Aberdeen, Scotland

· Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University, UK

· Brunel Business School, Uxbridge, England

· University of Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, Scotland

Canada/The Americas

· Smith School of Business Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

· Ryerson University, Rogers School of Management, Toronto

· FIA Business School, Brazil

· University of Western Ontario

· Concordia University, John Molson School of Business, Montreal, Quebec

· York University, Schulich School of Business, Toronto Ontario

Australia and New Zealand

· University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

· University of Otago Business School, New Zealand

· Australian Graduate School of Management, Australia

· Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Asia and the Middle East

· London Business School, Dubai Campus

· Singapore Management University, Singapore

· McGill University, Japan Campus

What are the benefits of Spring Intake?

The fall intake is the primary admission season around the world while the spring intake comes right after it. Despite not being the top choice admission timeline, there are benefits to opting for the spring admission season.

1. For those that may have missed the fall admissions, the spring intake offers the chance to still start school in that year instead of waiting for another full calendar for the next fall intake.

2. For international students, the spring intake may give more room for traveling preparations. Visa processing and all travel and study documentation are well sorted in time. Sometimes obtaining a student visa may take time in some regions. All this is subject to preparation and planning.

3. There is an increased opportunity for the spring intakes to learn from students of the fall intake since they most times share classes with them. It is also possible for spring intakes to spend shorter times to complete their programs.

Spring VS Fall Comparison

So, which one is it going to be?

Irrespective of the highlighted demerits of embracing the spring intake, there are still merits to it. It all depends on your needs and planning. Either way, you reap the benefits of an MBA. So, go for it!


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